Kudumbashree Kudumbashree

          Kudumbashree  was started by the Government  of Kerala in 1998 with the dual purpose of Women Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation. Today Kudumbashree has been transformed into a thriving social unit consisting of  2, 60, 568 Neighbourhood Groups comprising of 44 lakhs family members, 19,773 ADS (Area Development Society) and 1072 CDS (Community Development Society).

          For the first 14 years, activities have been focussed towards making Economic Independence as the first step towards Women Empowerment. But, to ensure sustainable economic independence , Gender Equality and Justice need to be established. To make women capable of understanding these issues, this particular programme - Gender Self Learning Programme (GSLP) has been envisaged.

          The strategy and process of this programme is unique and distinct as it looks at creating a community of women aware of their Rights. GSLP encourages women to examine one’s life and experiences, recognize, understand and analyse the ways of exploitation. The Learning Modules co-relate the issues of Employment, Health,  with the life experiences of women, while reports are created after discussion of the same within the neighbourhood groups. The community learning, helps women discuss and find a solution to the various problems faced by them.

          There is a dynamic group of resource persons who work towards making 2 lakh neighbourhood groups a part of this process and leading the study process. Sreesakthi Portal  has been initiated to make Gender Self Learning Programme a productive and successful project. This portal will prove useful towards discussing issues, creation of study guides, collating programme reports, along with clearing of doubts, discussion of ideas, and most importantly, help women become computer and technology savvy.

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